Tintangel, UK
Tintangel, UK

Welcome to the magical, sacred and pristine world of the dragons

Dragons are spiritual energetic beings from the 4th dimension and beyond. Many thousands of years ago, they were also physically present on earth. Dragons call themselves guardians and are carriers of specific crystalline energies, which exist in the whole universe. They are guardians of energy places, portals, planets, sacred sites, even galaxies and beyond. They are also architects of the energetic structures of the universe.

On a beautiful day in September 2011, my dragon energy reconnected with me out in the forest on an energy vortex. I could only sense a huge energetic presence in front of me which started talking to me telepathically. Before hand I followed a long spiritual practise of yoga, meditation, sacred chants and travelling to energetic high places on earth. Over the following months different dragons visited me to reactivate my first energetic dragon body. This was an intense whole body experience, firing up every cell in my body. Afterwards I could feel a new energy structure around my whole physical appearance. Over the years many more followed. 3 years later the phenix energy followed. The phenix energy is another form of dragon energy. This energy is very helpful in my energy healing work to release and transform old pattern and structures of my clients. Both energies are part of the most primordial crystalline energies in these universe. Dragon energies have different frequencies and colours. They are forces of creation and are very useful for healing, clearing and strenghtening the human energy bodies. The earth is full of energy lines as well, the socalled dragon leylines. Already the oldest cultures on earth knew about these lines, built their roads on them and their sacred sites on power places (Energy vortexes). In Asia this knowledge is still known and used to this very day in feng shui. Dragons are venerated in Asia as a symbol of good luck, abundance, flow of energies and protection, so they adorned many ancient temples. On the chinese new year celebration, they do the famous dragon dance.

New energy qualities and frequencies are available

New energy frequencies are available to mankind and the earth grid in the actual rise of energies we experience since a number of years. They help to wake up more and more people from the collective hypnosis of the mass media and the very mental education programs we call school. More people begin to ask themselves what is going on and who’s life they are actually living. Daily we get bombarded with negative messages, useless informations, distractions and intimidations. So the majority of the population is intimidated, confused and feels insecure.
The strategy behind it is; insecure and confused People accept restricting programs and doctrines a lot easier, so you can strip them off their freedom and human rights step by step. The organised church used these tactics for hundred of years.
Good discernment, self responsability and inner alignement are needed more than ever to see through the smoke screens of manipulation and misinformation, to make good decisions for your own life. The dragon energy is very helpful in this matter and it helps to ward of the countless energetic disturbances we are currently confronted with daily, as well as the low vibrating pulse of mass consciousness.

What are dragon energies?

Dragon energies are present in the whole universe and are used for its energetic architecture. They are of crystalline nature in numerous variations of frequencies and can be used to strenghten and clear the human energy bodies as well as the energy structures of planet earth.

What are they good for?

They boost the human life force and the individual presence/sovereignity.  They stimulate inner clarity, heart awareness and courage, to stand up for your own self. You feel more connected to creation and they are very good for healing work.


You can get initiated into the dragon energy by a dragon or by an initiated/activated human being like me. Initiation are only given when your heart consciousness is activated.