Dragon language and its alphabet

Dragon language, sorga mell

The dragon language I use and channel is called Sorga Mell and one of the most primordial ones. (translated: the language of the guardians). There are many other dragon languages on different planets, places and energetic planes of existence. This language comes with its own alphabet. Each letter stands for an original priniciple of creation and is related to a body part.

A = Protection through understanding the opposites.
A is the beginning that birthed everything, which contains everything. 
Understanding the opposites is understanding creation. A symbolises also the essence, the core of all things.
Body part: throat

B = Connecting the planes of existence
The one mind penetrating all level of existence.
Body part: 3. eye

C = Strength of the heart, which means love, and the connection of everything that exist.
Body part: heart


D = Creation in motion, moving existence
Everything moves even if it appears rigid
Body part: hand, the most skilled part for precise movement


E = Unity in the multitude, the divine mind loves multiplicity
Body part: hair

F = Fire from the origin/source
Body part: crown, crown chakra where life force enters the body

G = Divine form
Body part: Brain

H = Healing through integration of opposites
Body part: Lung, in -and exhale

I = Unending spirit, „unbending wind“
Body part: spine

K = Force of creation, Energy of life
Body part: navel


L = Love, self expression
Body part: mouth

M = Might, to create, to make, the force/ability to manifest
Body part: Solar Plexus


N = Renewal, life giving center
Body part: Sexual chakra

O = Unity, common base everything stems from
Body part: root chakra

P = Pulse, pulsate, a base pulse runs through the whole universe
Body part: wrist

Q = Source
Body part: groin, ovaries

R = Rhythms, Tact, timing
Body part: feet

S = Vibration
Body part: ears

T = Strength
Body part: shoulders

U = Connection
Body part: hips

V,W = Wave, oscillation
Body part: eyes

some words in sorga mell
corr = heart
duur na kaar = penetrating clearing energy
kaar = moving energy, activation of force/energy
coor = core
keer = light
Maar = divine creation
moor = origin
noor = expansion in all direction, vastness, wideness