The initiation/activation

You can get initiated in the amazing dragon energies by an activated human being like me or a dragon being from the energtic realm.
Since 2011, I am a carrier of the dragon energy. Over the years countless bodies of different frequencies have been installed in and around me; green, golden, violett and many more. This allows me to initiate people who are interested to work with dragons who have an open heart center, a certain spiritual awareness and personal maturity to activate with the matching dragon frequency. This can be earth, fire, water, air or ether energy. Sometimes also of a galactic energy/frequency.
Before the initiation is considered, I consult with the dragons if the person is ready or needs some energy clearing/healing work before hand.
The necessary requirements are:
- Openess and Interest in the work with the subtle energetic realm
- open heart center, active heart awareness/consciousness
- emotional stability and inner self governance
- care for the well being of humanity and earth
- responsibility und sincerity
Through the activation one or more dragons will accompany the new initiate for a number of weeks or months.
They support you in unfolding your new energy structure and personal potential.
Dragons can be male or female and are connected to an element like water, fire etc

The initiation can be received in my practice in Zürich, Switzerland or online through a zoom session. It takes about an hour and costs 200 Swiss francs. The experiences during the session are very individual, depending on your grade of energetic awareness. Once initated, you belong to the universal family of dragons. The effect of the intiation can be felt imidiately and will enhance over time. The more time you devote to this new connection, the stronger and faster it will grow. In any case you will always have one or more guardians at your side. This is very helpful for people working in therapeutic fields or with groups. The new energy structure helps you to stay centered, clear, present and in your sovereignity. Difficult situations can be handled easier and you feel less tired in the everning. And it supports the personal ascension process.