Energy healing session

Offer 1; Healing work

Healing needs a safe space.

Healing needs trust.

Healing needs connection.

Healing needs calmness.

Healing needs presence in the now.

Healing needs relaxation.


The dragon energies belong to the most original crystalline energies of creation in this manifested universe and beyond.

These energies can be used for energetic healing work, as we human consist of many different energetic bodies, vital body, emotional body, mental body and so forth. They help also with ascension symptomes, that many people go through at these times of intense transformation and awakening. Even science confirms that the socalled "matter" is made of countless energetic structures in different stages of vibrations and densities. You can check out the CERN website for further details.

During the healing session i use singing in lightcode language, mostly dragon language but also phenix and eagle language.

Through the singing I bring in sacred light frequencies of different qualities to activate, widen and clear the energy bodies of my clients. Restoring harmony and energetic flow is the main purpose of my energy work.


Session on location: the client comfortably relaxes on a massage table, fully dressed but without shoes. Then I bring in the energies, balance the energy centers, circuits and energy bodies. I also apply partial massage on body parts and acupressur points.


Distance healing: with or without Zoom connection are also available.


A Session last about an hour. 1 1/2 hours is also possible.

hour: 150 swiss francs or 140 Euro. 1 1/2 hours 200


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Offer 2; Clearing of places and houses etc.

Many places on earth carry in their morphogenetic structures low vibrating frequences because aweful things happened on them like wars, suicides and the like. The energetic imprint last as long as it is not cleared with a higher positive frequency. Also appartments and houses can be cleared from the former inhabitants and local low vibrations.

Here comes the dragon and phenix energy in very handy to release and clean out the old energetic residues.