The different dragon beings

Dragons are a vital members of the divine creation and conscious beings like humans. They can be male or female. They can appear in dragon form or as human with dragon energy body/ies. Some beings are original dragons in their essence and others just are carriers of energetic dragon energy bodies but have a different essence. The live on the 4. Dimension and above. At least on earth.


Here are some categories of dragons:

- the original architects of the universe

- the carriers of the wisdom of the heart

- the connection builders
- the guardians of order and balance
- the teachers of the forces
- the guardians and healers
- the planetary guardians/keepers
- the guardians of the elements
- the guardians of the suns
- the guardians of the reintegration of old systems

Dragons of the elements

Most people receive in their initiation a dragon body that is related to an element.

So the most known elements are water, fire, earth, air und ether.

Water relates to feelings, fire to healing energies, air to the mental capacities, earth to earthy practical work/manifestation and ether to the spirit world.